The state of your workplace gives visitors their first impression of your business. Whether that impression is good or bad, it sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make sure your business premises give the best impression from the moment they arrive to their experience out in the parking lot.

A Welcoming Parking Lot

There are several ways the parking lot affects your visitors. A struggle to find parking certainly affects their mood, whereas a secure visitor parking lot is welcoming. Make parking and entry as convenient as possible, and they’ll start their visit in the best possible mood. You could take things to the next level by making the land around your business more attractive. A good first step is landscaping it, making the area more pleasant. Simply planting flowers and maintaining the lawn allows you to stand out from the sea of bland buildings and sidewalks.

Truly Clean, Inside and Out

Simply having a place for everything and everything in its place isn’t enough to leave a good first impression. After all, an organized work station that’s dusty doesn’t look good. Professional cleaning companies take the time to dust, vacuum, sweep and sanitize. You’ll have an office that is truly clean, not just organized. Removing lingering odors will remove the subconscious negative impression they will leave, while a clean, bright workplace will have a positive impression on any visitor. Compare that to the negative impression left by someone who spills a drink and sees the nasty stains on the carpet.

Professional cleaning crews know how to clean every flooring surface without damaging it, so they’ll get up those scuff marks without staining the floor. This way, you’ll be able to extend the life of your carpets and furniture by hiring pros. Note that there are professional cleaning services for companies of all size and for all budgets. Most house cleaning Fresno services will also offer office cleaning services at a reasonable price.

Maintain the Exterior of Your Building

While we’ve addressed the condition of the building’s interior and its impact on visitors, the true first impression they’ll have of your building is based on its exterior. They’ll form an impression of the building based on its condition. A broken sign above the door, faded paint on the walls and dirty windows all hurt you. Graffiti on the walls is even worse.

Fortunately, the solutions are straightforward. Repaint the exterior if necessary, and get rid of the graffiti as soon as you learn of it. Have the dirty windows cleaned. Repair that broken sign. You can take it to the next level by putting up a new sign with the brand’s color scheme. Don’t forget the little conveniences like signs that point the way to the front office, the parking lot and other things visitors may have trouble finding on their own.

Your organization’s building needs to be congruent with the professional, respectable vibe your interior decorating, branding and employees’ appearances try to convey. Neglect the areas we’ve mentioned, and your staff are at best fighting an uphill battle to impress visitors.