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Hey guys, My name is Wayne Pollard and I decided to start my very own blog based on things that I am interested it, will be alot about business, tech, movies and other general stuff. The inspiration behind the name of the blog comes from my favourite movie waynes world.

A little about me and this blog.


So the name of my blog (waynesworld25.com) came to life on the 25th year since waynes world was released. It has been my favourite movie all my life and I love it. It’s a coincidence that I am also called Wayne. On the 25th anniversary of the movie the cast and crew actually did a tour around the world so fans could meet up and relive the memories of this great film. Anyway get stuck into my blog and enjoy.

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Things You Might Not Know About ‘Wayne’s World

Things You Might Not Know About ‘Wayne’s World

Waynes World is one of the most acclaimed movies of all time. Almost all of us who are aware of this movie will love it. However, there are a lot of facts about the movie that we do not know, and they are listed here. If you are a ‘Wayne’s World’ fan, fasten yourself and read the facts to be truly baffled.

Stan Mikita’s is fake:

If you remember the movie well just as you saw it yesterday, then you also remember the eatery that is a part of the film. Any bells ringing? Yes, it is the Stan Mikits’s Donuts. Have you have you always wanted to make a visit to the place, but never got an opportunity. Don’t worry because you never will. This is because something of that sort doesn’t exist in real life. Both the character and the eatery are fiction, and it was clearly a clever coincidence.

Paramount wasn’t actually sure:

We all know that it was paramount Pictures that bankrolled the film. However, they never expected that the movie would end up so successful and was actually planning back out of the project. Lucky for them that they chose better off the decision and took the film on their shoulders. Quite contrary to what they thought it was one of the most successful films in the existence of Paramount Pictures.

Carvey can actually play it?

There is a scene where Dana Carvey plays the drums. Did it sound way too realistic? Did you think so? Then you are right. Carvey can actually play the drums, and he did it while the movie was shot and that is the reason as to why it turned out to be so realistic.

It wasn’t shot there:

Yes, it wasn’t shot at the place where you think it was shot. The story revolves around the lives of two guys who hail from Aurora and yet the film was sent in the backdrop of the same place. However, that doesn’t mean that it was shot there. Not one of the scenes that you see in the movie is shot on the actual land of Aurora. It was shot elsewhere, but people could never find that out.

Either they were unplanned or way too planned:

People who were on the sets of the film stated that most of the dialogue that people laughed for were all spontaneous and the actors just came up with it as they thought it worked well that way. So they were all spontaneous. To the contrary, there were a lot of scenes that were shot so repetitively that actors were actors as they felt that they were drilled a lot more than what was required. It was also believed that Myers never actually had a good relationship with Penelope.

Wayne’s World – One Quick Review After 25 Years!

Wayne’s World – One Quick Review After 25 Years!

Waynes World is one of the greatest movies ever to have come in the comedy genre. It is one of the few films that never fade off our memories even today. Wayne’s World was released in the year 1992 and became one of the major hits given by Paramount Pictures till date. It is one of the least expected films and performed to its best and scored well when it was released. It is one of the films that is honored as a cult-classic comedy even today. So let u probe a little deep into the facts of the film.

Making of the film:

It’s been almost 25 years since the movie was released and it is such a pleasurable memory even today. For those of us who have seen and enjoyed the film, it is a shame that we do not know a large number of facts about the film. The film started when Mike Myers came up with this story along with two more writers. Mike Myers played the titular role Wayne and Dana Carvey as Garth, the best friend of Wayne. The movie is filled with a lot of humor, sarcasm and other mixed emotions as well. The movie was directed by Penelope Spheeris, who was until then a documentary film-maker. It was said that Penelope was taken on board as she was extremely fast in getting things done and she was quite aware of metalheads. The movie was bankrolled by Paramount Pictures, who said that they were themselves surprised at the success of the film.

The plot of the film:

The story largely revolves around the life of two characters, Wayne and Darth. However, there are a couple of other characters who add content and strength to the film. Wayne’s World is the story of Wayne and his best friend Garth who struggle to make hard things work out. Wayne has already had a break-up, and his present relationship with his love interest was not smooth. To top it off all there comes adrift in the friendship between the two friends. But they soon get back together and plot to get Wayne’s girlfriend back. After a long, clumsy travel, the movie comes to an with the couple’s reunion and the bad guy realizing his mistakes.


The film that was released with least expectations surpassed all expectations and became one of the highest grossing films of the year. Even the Paramount pictures that bankrolled the film never expected that the film would receive such a grand opening. The movie was loved by critics and audience alike, and it was widely appreciated for the kind of humor it had. It was also named as one of the greatest comedy films of all time!

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